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Knowing our skin type will help us to choose the suitable products and skincare regiment to keep the skin in the best condition and prevent problems from occurring.

Do you know what your skin type is? Some people don't, some people THINK they know, but how do you know for sure? Here are some guidelines we can follow:

Normal Skin

  • If you have slightly visible pores

  • Slightly oily with few comedones (blackheads) at T-zone

  • Rosy cheeks with overall healthy complexion

Dry skin

  • Your pores are almost invisible to see,

  • the skin is thin, flakey and tends to lined and wrinkled easily

  • Dry skin will feel tight and rough to the touch too.

Oily skin

  • First of all, large pores

  • Second, you feel oily early in the day, about 2 or 3 hours after you clean your face

  • Visible comedones leading to pustules

Combination skin (normal/dry or normal/oily)

  • Your skin has combination of characteristics of both skin types

  • Tends to oil at the center of the face but feel dry on the other area

Sensitive skin (in most case, its because of genetics)

  • You will see broken capillaries and blotchiness/red patches on the skin

  • Pale/porcelain color and thin texture

Our skin type can change over time too. For example we tends to have normal skin type when we were young. Skin types vary depending upon factors such as: water content, oil content and sensitivity level. Our goal for a healthy, beautiful skin is to balance the content of water and oil in our skin.

Next time l will show you some common mistakes we have in determining our skin types!

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